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August 22, 2012

The quest of 57 sticks laden with food

So, when I first set out on this venture of eating all 57 foods on a stick at the Iowa State Fair, my eyes may have been bigger than my stomach or wallet combined.

Following another two days at the state fair, I soon realized that this was one quest that I was probably going to have to bow out of. I figured with my remaining dollars I would give it a go to see where I would end up.

To start my second go around I began the day with a breakfast lamb sausage. In order to do this one it needed to be early as the tent only sold them for breakfast and when they were gone, there were no more for the day. As I sauntered around the grounds I stumbled upon the turkey tenderloins on a stick. Much to my surprise the tryptophan coma did not kick near as much as on Thanksgiving.

Two more free eggs on a stick sounded like a good snack. To finish the day I embarked on a taste bud trivium as I tried to decipher all that was in the fair square. This item seemed to me, a Rice Krispy bar, hopped up on steroids. Full of Oreo’s, M&M’s, and who knows what else. To nicely finish that meal I opted for fried chicken and another pork chop on a stick.

Saturday was the final push. I started off with a chocolate covered chocolate chip cannoli. Aside from the thing being as hard as a rock it was real sweet and rich. I also had chocolate covered cheese cake. Well, I didn’t technically eat it, but the one bite I snagged away from my girlfriend allowed it to be counted to my list.

As my great-grandmother used to say; “Eat your dessert first, that way you know you have room for it.” I took her advice.

Following my first show I felt a rumble that only teriyaki beef would cure, or so I thought. After a few bites I quickly traded mine for my girlfriend’ssesame chicken stick. What a much better option. That hit the spot!

Next, I set out to find German sausage and a large pickle, much to my dismay, I could find neither. I was directed to a stand where the volunteers believed I might find a piclke, but this was the pickle-dog. I waited in line so long to get my pickle on a stick they did not have, I gave in and bought two fried pickle dogs. MMMM. They were pickles covered in cream cheese, pastrami or ham, then deep fried.

As I walked into the general store on the grounds, I immediately spotted old fashioned rock candy. I absolutely had to get one.

As my fair time came to a close I had to swallow my Pepto along with my pride pill and admit that the beast had won. All-in-all, it is true that “Nothing Compares” to the Iowa State Fair. Maybe next year I will have to try all 36 of the Iowa craft beers.

Until next time, just keep swimming
Robert "Fish" Fisher